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clarahclarah Member
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I just got a D700 Nikon and I'm loving it so far....

Does anyone have any "secret" tips or tips in general? I'm shooting my first wedding this Saturday with it and I'm very very excited.


  • I love this camera too!

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Watch the focus mode selector button on front of camera. It has 3 positions: single, continuous and manual. I always keep it on S for single. A few times it's slipped into one of other modes without me knowing it and I panic until I realize what happened, then I just put it back in right position. So if you suddenly find the camera isn't focusing right, check that button.

    2. Careful not to hit the function button, also on front, if you don't intend to. I once hit this inadvertently while I was changing aperture or shutter speed and somehow threw the camera into a crazy bracketing mode and did not know what was happening.

    3. Read the manual and get to know the camera inside and out, even if you don't think you'll use all the functions right away. Unexpected problems can occur, such as those above, and if you know the camera you'll know how to respond to them.

    4. Bounce the flash.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    adding to Skips' response:

    Shoot in RAW obviously

    Shoot in Manual [if you have not done that previously, best advised to keep shooting like you were for this wedding, but then go practice]

    Try to get WB in camera as close as possible. Sun, Shade, Cloudy modes work good but I prefer manual Kelvin setting personally since I know what results I get the best, takes practice.

    Keep a small 'cheat' sheet with you for poses, etc. That will help no end if it's your first wedding. :)

    Good luck.
  • I agree with Skipperlange and 1st advice. Happened to me too. No I am more aware of that button, to check it more often.

    Second advice would be: get to know it. D700. It is superb camera and pure joy to use it. Mine has almost 40K and with each day I am more satisfied. Although I am in a time where I look for second body, D700 is an option too, along D4.
  • I've been shooting in Manual for a year and half now so I feel pretty comfortable with that. Yes, the Fn button and the focus mode selector has gotten me a few times too :)

    It looks as though it will be "isolated thunderstorms and a 30% of rain" tomorrow for the wedding.... I'm nervous about the rain. Love me some overcast light but I've never really shot in the rain before... Any tips on that?

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Bring umbrellas. :)
    If you have someone who can help you like holding a brella over you when shooting to protect your gear the better.

    I don't obviously know where you are shooting, if it's on a beach, well, good luck, but if close to shelter like awnings, doorways, etc., try for that.

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