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D700 and SB900 shorting

LimeyLimey Member
edited September 2012 in Nikon
Has anyone had experience of the D700 shorting when used with the SB900? My flash starting going nuts during a wedding shoot yesterday. Randomly making a series of small rapid flashes possibly on movement of the camera (although I cannot be sure of this). I do not have the same problem when the flash is mounted on my D300, which saved the day for me. Later on in the evening when I tried it again I then experienced problems in the viewfinder where shooting information disappeared in part (basically it appeared something was shorting/malfunctioning). The camera works perfectly when the flash is not mounted. The camera has never got wet and I always power off the flash and camera when mounting/dismounting from the hot shoe.
Anyone else had this/had a happy ending????? :(


  • Yes, this has happened to me too, with D700 and SB900. Rapid bursts of flash for no apparent reason. It does not happen very often though the other night it did happen several times in a row and so I switched to a new flash. I haven't noticed any problems from this, such as shorting out. 'Course a big problem is not being able to use flash or rely on its accuracy if it's acting up like this. Did not occur to me this might damage the camera. Hmmmm.... Guess it could :-(
  • Your not alone. Apparently there is an issue with some D700 hot shoes. Hers a link from a couple of years ago regarding the problem.

  • hmmm, i've found this also:
    Quite shocking.
    Looks like I will be shelling out on some sort of repair. I'm hoping that the fact the camera works fine without flash indicates that the problem lies with the hot shoe connection alone.
  • I have had to send the D700 into the shop for repair of the hotshoe. I have previously read that the D700 hot shoe was not designed to handle the heavier SB900, so the connection loosens over time.
  • I have d700 and I use flash SB 900 and 700. It makes me problem with the both at the some time. I use them since a year and the problem started now. Some one who knows what kind of flash I should buy for Nikon d700 without making me any problems?

  • Sooo, I had my camera in for repair. They replaced the flash circuit and I gave it a quick test run in the shop before leaving. Seemed to work fine until I got home, arrrghh!! Theres a lot on the web regarding this issue. The best thread I have found is here...
    I called the repair centre and will be taking it in again on Monday. My knowledge on how the flash hotshoe connection works is pretty much zero but I can only hope the repair shop knows how best to resolve this. Will let you know the outcome.
  • In the U.S., I used Authorized Photo Service. They only deal with Nikon repairs. They fixed the hotshoe problem. I'm not sure where you reside Limey, but was this repair center on Nikon's authorized repair center list?
  • Second repair in. Hotshoe 'adjusted' apparently. Works fine in shop (no lens attached, not sure of the significance of this or not). Take it home....better, but occasional light craziness. Stephen - not an authorised Nikon repair centre but a place with a reputable reputation in UK.
    Dont know if I can ever trust this camera during a wedding shoot, which is the reason I bought it. Undecided as to whether live with the current 'fix' or go for round 3....
  • Limey,
    If the flash is still randomly flashing, it's not fixed. That shop, as reputable as you say, does not appear to have access to Nikon engineering information necessary to fix the problem. The shop probably replaced the hotshoe and only did a physical inspection only. Taking the lens off the camera to test the hotshoe is not an adequate test, in my opinion. That test does not reflect real-life usage.

    In the case of my repair, they not only replaced the hotshoe, but they ran diagnostic tests on the camera to make sure everything was working afterwards. Once I got it back, I haven't had the problem recur. You should find an authorized Nikon repair center in the UK and have it checked. At this point, an authorized Nikon repair center cannot be any worse than your last 2 attempts.
  • Hi Stephen,
    I agree and yes I have sent the camera to authorized Nikon repair centre in London today. The other repair centre has agreed to refund my original repair cost too upon receipt of the service report too. Heres hoping this is nearly at an end!
  • Let us know after you receive your equipment back if the authorized Nikon repair center solved your problem.
  • I was having the same problem. I purchased the nikon waterguard which adds a little tightness to the flash and hotshot. The problem instantly disappears.
  • Its fixed! (some extended use now required)

    Sent it Nikon repair centre in UK:
    (http://www.fixationuk.com/Fixation/Fixation - Home/Fixation - Home.html). The service was amazing.
    Camera was sent recorded delivery on midday Monday and I received it back today. New hotshoe along with Grip, IF and rear rubber units according to repair report.

    Lesson learned....always go to Nikon repair centre first.

    Rrxpaul, yes I have read on other blogs that the waterguard can also help, which I will look into.
  • Good to hear it's working!
  • I thought I was the only one having that "Shorting-Out Problem" with my D700 & SB 900 & 910 Units. At least I now know that others are having similar issues.........no compensation but worth knowing!!
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