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fec or ec ? for nikon

NaftoliNaftoli Member
edited November 2012 in news & discussions
i shoot in manual and i noticed that changing ec (exposure compensation) seems to have the same effect on ttl as changing fec (flash exposure compensation). r they the same? if so, it is easier to change ec on the fly due to button placement. your thoughts?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2012

    Never tried just that alone, for me it's quicker to adjust the FEC but if needing more that's why Neil and others like myself love the fact we can drop/increase our flash overall by +- stops on the body in addition to the FEC.

    Sometimes, dropping the FEC right down especially when just needing a blip, is not enough, so I then immediately go to the EC and dial it down also since the effect on flash is cumulative.

    Helps also if needing the really extra oomph in dark receptions going right up, but once again that's rare since ISO is much easier to bump up.

    The catch is, on very rare occasions during a wedding, [usually only during the 'meet and greet' with couple and guests and only in sun/shade I may choose a priority mode, but rarely] you will need to remember to change the camera's EC back to zero.

  • hey Trev,

    First of all i never change fec on the flash itself its much quicker to adjust it from the body by holding down the flash button and then rolling the front command dial. but if ec does the same thing than i may as well use it b/c than i have up to 3 stops over and underexposure at my fingertips and i can now adjust the fec with only one hand

    It would seem there is no catch for me as i never use priority modes when using flash
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited November 2012
    This blog post is relevant to your interests.

    Short of it: On a D300 and D700, there is a FEC button on the body that gives you +/- 2FEC, and it is cumulative with the FEC dial on the flash (total of +/- 5FEC). On the D2x/D3, you can use the EC setting in manual exposure mode to affect the flash FEC; it's also cumulative with the flash FEC. I don't know anything about the D4, but I presume the EC controls are the same.
  • i shoot with the d800 previously the d7000 and before that the d5000, all these bodys have the option of changing fec from the body by holding down the flash button and rotating the command dial, i would never have to reach up to my flash to press the fec buttons on the b/c it is much faster to do it on the body (unless i want more than +1 stops or less than -3 stops) now im realizing if i simply change ec instead of fec i have up to 10 stops compensation! (up to 5 plus and 5 minus)
  • I looked at the Nikon D800 manual. The FEC button on the camera is on page 3, #3 (See page 188). That is the button that is cumulative with the flash's FEC. That button gives you -3 FEC to +1 FEC, which can be added to the flash's FEC value. The camera's EC button on page 130 doesn't seem to affect the FEC, nly the overall exposure. If you wanted to affect the flash FEC, I don't think the EC button is the way to do it. Neil would be more familiar with this.
  • Hi Stephen, Do u have a d800? set the camera to manual and the flash to ttl now set the exposure compensation. (use any value from -5 to +5 ev). take a photo. press the down button on the multiselector during playback to view the info of the photo, u will see that both fec and ec will have the value u selected for ec. (if u also selected a value for fec it is accumulative with the ec)
  • Naftoli, I don't have a D800. I was only reading the manual online. If your are getting FEC adjustments using the EC button, then go for it. I guess the D800 allows you to adjust it both the D700 way (FEC button) and the D3 way (which didn't have a FEC button).
  • I see that niel has been using ec instead of fec for a while now http://neilvn.com/tangents/2010/08/10/on-camera-ttl-fill-flash/

    it seems he doesnt shoot with on camera flash outoors for outdoor portraits anymore
  • Naftoli, in that article, Neil was dialing the FEC of the flash and the EC of the D3. It doesn't look like he was using the D3 EC exclusively.
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