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Canon 7D & YN-560 II

jcgoodsonjcgoodson Member
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In preparation for my first shoot with off-camera flash, I just purchased a pair of Yongnuo YN-560 II flashes. I'm having trouble getting the units to communicate with my Canon 7D the way I think they should. With the built-in flash set to manual or TTL (and the Yongnuos set to the appropriate slave mode, S1 or S2), the Yongnuos fire when the built-in flash fires, as they should. However, when I also enable the 7D wireless function (which allows the 7D to optically communicate with remote Canon flashes), the Yongnuos don't fire when the built-in flash fires. I'm confused by this -- and maybe it's just because I'm new to off-camera flash -- but shouldn't the light from the built-in flash trigger the Yongnuos regardless of whether or not that light transmits a wireless signal? I find this troubling because I would like to use the 7D's wireless function to remotely control my 580EX II from the camera while simultaneously triggering the Yongnuos. I appreciate any insight forum members may have.



  • I think I've figured this out, although I'm not satisfied with what I've found. With the 7D's wireless function enabled, the 580EX II can be triggered, but not the two Yongnuos. If the 7D's wireless function is disabled, the Yongnuos can be triggered, but not the 580EX II. Thus, the 580EX II cannot fire simultaneously with the Yongnuos when all three flashes are off-camera.

    I am aware of two alternatives. First, if the 580EX II is on-camera, then it can be used to trigger the Yongnuos and all three flashes will fire simultaneously. Two, I suspect radio triggers will facilitate simultaneous triggering -- but I have no experience here, so I can't say for sure.

    I'm a little miffed that the 580EX II is too sophisticated to be triggered by anything but a wireless-enabled Canon camera. I appreciate additional suggestions others may have.

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    I use the Yongnuo on my Nikon D7000. They will fire all my flashes. the Yongnuo are both Transmitter and Receiver. Work fantastically...and quite inexpensive. No TTL, but I always use my flashes in manual mode anyway, unless I'm using my R1C1 Kit. Mount one Yongnuo Transceiver on camera, the others on each flash, and you're good to go.
  • penndragonn2001,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have no problem triggering one Yongnuo with another Yongnuo. It's the 580EX II that seems to be the problem.

  • Justin,

    You're mixing two different things. The Yongnuo are manual flashes. The S1 and S2 settings are for any regular flash. S1 triggers on the first flash and S2 ignores the exposure pre-flash. When you set the 7D as a master, you are adding a 3rd flash setting that these manual flashes don't understand. S1 should still fire the 560, but it wouldn't be in sync with the camera.

  • very interesting, i have no problem syncing off camera youngnou 560 flashes with the Nikon CLS, is ur on camera master set to manual?
  • Paul,

    I think you're right -- with the Yongnuo in mode S1 and the 7D wireless enabled, the Yongnuo tries to fire, but it's definitely not in sync with the camera. Regardless, it doesn't seem possible to simultaneously trigger the 580EX II and the Yongnuo via a flash on the 7D.

    But, will radio triggers solve this issue? Thanks to everyone for their comments.

  • Paul -- I see now that you were suggesting the Yongnuo "transceivers." I've read some reviews and these may very well solve my problem.

    Naftoli -- Whether or not the on-camera flash is set to manual or ETTL doesn't seem to matter. What does seem to make a difference is the 7D wireless. If it's on, then I can only trigger the off-camera 580EX II. And if it's off, then I can only trigger the off-camera Yongnuo.

  • TorMTorM Member

    I use a couple of yn 560 II aswell.

    You don't need radio triggers to trigger all your flashes, just one set to trigger the 580EX II. Then the 580 can trigger the youngnuo flashes optically. S1 if you have ETTL triggers an 580 set to ETTL. S2 if you use the 580 in manual mode...
    I use a setup almost like that all the time. (I don't have the 580EX II, but use the Yongnuo yn568EX..)

    If you are considering Yongnuo transivers I will recommend the new Yongnuo yn-622c. This gives you ETTL and High speed sync at a very good price. Basically you can use the same way you use the built in wireless but with radio signals.

    My camera is the 5d classic and for me the most brilliant thing with the yn-622c transceiver is that it has an buildt in AF-assistant. This gives me AF-assistant in low light situations without having to mount a flash on camera.

    I have no idea how the quality of the yn-622c trigger compares to more expencive brands though...


    Tor Martin
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