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Colour Correcting

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
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Hi Niel
I have a quick question about Colour Correcting Raw Files from my D3s

I shot a few Pics of my son this afternoon and there are a couple Im trying to figure out hope you all can help.

Image Nikon D3s f3.5 @ 1/640s ISO 400

First image is Raw File " As Shot " Nikon D3s was set for Cloudy Preset


The image is way to red....
My first question is do I need to adjust my presets or is there some way to adjusted while shooting. Im still trying to figure out how to use the WB shift to good effect I find it difficult to see the changes on the screen. Should I use the Histogram and how would I do that.

The second image is Colour corrected in Raw


Temp 4800K and Tint +23 0.0 Exposure , I think the image looks pretty good.

However I find there is still a bit of a red cast in the skin tones , is it a matter of playing with the WB and tint or is it a Saturation thing.

Lou Recine
Matrix Photography


  • First image looks warm. I actually like it better but that's because of the cloudy preset.
    Second one is closer to "technically" correct color but what you are seeing in the skin tones is really the actual skin tones. Your eyes don't see it as easily in real life but its there.

    In photo shop you can use camera raw and increase the red luminance to get rid of those tones. But more to your question it's a combination of tint and saturation but you need to get to the red and orange channels.

    Additionally a bit of overexposure while taking the photo then bringing the exposure down in post can smooth out red in skin. Don't know why but it does.

    From my experience.
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