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Canon full-frame cameras: 6D vs. 5D Mark III

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Hi Neil

I already own a Canon EOS 7D and am really happy with that camera. However, I'd like to add a full-frame camera to my photo equipment and have not quite decided yet between the 6D and the more expensive 5D Mark III. I studied different review articles, and each of the two models seems to have some advantages and disadvantages. I am not quite sure whether the 5D Mark III is really worth the higher priceā€¦ According to your blog, you have worked with both cameras, so maybe you have an opinion which one is better.

I consider myself to be an advanced amateur, and I like to use the camera on trips (landscapes, buildings) and for photographing people (birthday parties, sometimes also weddings, both inside and outside). The full-frame camera would be nice because I'd be able to work without the flash even in low light.

What do you think? Should I go for the 6D (smaller, lighter, built-in GPS) or for the more expensive and heavier 5D Mark III (no GPS, but faster shutter speed, more pictures per second in continuos shooting mode)? The image quality seems to be pretty much the same, do you agree?

Thanks a lot for your advice!
Does anybody else on this forum have some inputs for me which might help with this decision?

Best regards from Switzerland



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