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Fuji X100S vs Sony NEX 7

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I just got done reading your rave review on the Fuji X100S. Nice camera. Have you tried the Sony NEX7? APS-C sensor @ 24MP. Great only if you're planning on blowing up to Billboard size! LOL I have one, and it's simply an amazing camera for it's size...Just wanted your thoughts on it, and if you haven't experienced one, you should. ...And, The tilting screen, Wow...I wish Nikon could have incorporated that in my D7000. It's such a useful feature...I'm quite sure if you asked a lot of semi/pro's if they would like a tilting rear LCD screen, they'd say yes..Especially for Macro/Close up work, and Events where you're holding the camera over crowds, it's a God send. Low ground level shots are a breeze with a tilting screen, also a God send. Plus, it will allow you, (with an adapter) to use ANY lens from any Camera company! The OLED VF you love, Well the Sony has had it, along with many other features. Would love to see a review from you on this, of course without biting my head off! Seems very few around here even mention the Sony NEX Line..Thx


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I was about to pull the trigger on the Sony NEX-5n when the original Fuji X100 was released. The image quality of the Sony cameras are phenomenal.

    The NEX-7 is apparently even better than the previous ones. And with the zoom, it would be the more versatile camera over the Fuji X100s.
  • Hey Neil,

    well, if you get the chance pick one up, and try it out...quite a lot of hardware and feature set in such a small package..or large, depending on your needs or preferences.
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