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no shutter

edited April 2013 in home
I know, the title is deceiving, but wasn't quite sure how to list it. I'm comparing some in house shots with flash (SB-600) on a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D200. I'm using a Nikon 60mm F2.8D Micro Lens. Both cameras set the same: A=F2.8, S= 1/200, WB K=5600, EC= 0, Metering=Center weighted, AF= continuous. The D200 will fire the shutter regardless of wether is has enough light or not, the D7000 will NOT fire unless it gets focus. It just hunts and hunts and hunts...D200, fires every time. Room is dimly lit, and Sb-600 at 1/4 power @50mm Manual mode.
Sure, I know I can switch to AF-S which will enable the cameras focus light, but that's not what I want...How can I get the D7000 to fire the shutter, regardless if it gets focus or not, as with the D200. I know it's got to be something simple I'm missing..Thx


  • Found it!! LOL On the D7000, it's in Menu A1/A2 under AFS-C/ AFS-S...had to change default from Focus to Shutter. Whala!!! Was driving me crazy!! SOOOO many menu items...Narrow it down to main AUTOFOCUS menue, and there it was..That little ? info button is a Godsend... Thx
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