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lights, just window shopping

Wink11Wink11 Member
edited May 2013 in flash & lighting
I'm interested in adding lights to my natural light newborn photography. I see some newborn photographers using these AlienBees in their studios.

http://www.paulcbuff.com/b400.php Any thoughts? Also, I guess I would need the transmitters and receivers or maybe just the cord for now. If someone could steer me in the right direction, I'd much appreciate it.

I do have some hand me down soft boxes and stands, so I should be good there.

One last tidbit. I can get my hands on a Minolta IIIF light meter. Will this work on this type of light?



  • bobh665bobh665 Member
    Alien Bees are good lights. They have great support. Ive had the original White Lightnings for over 20 years and they still work fine. I take a couple of Bees to weddings for some directional light. Depending on the soft boxes you will need an adapter ring for the Bees. As far as transmitter and receivers go the ones from Paul Buff are nice but they only work with there lights. You might want to consider Pocket Wizards, Radiopopper etc. that you can use with your speed lights or other lights you may use in the future. The Minolta IIIF will work with the Bees but with todays digital cameras using your LCD and histogram you can get by without a light meter.
  • Wink11Wink11 Member
    Thanks for your response and insight. Good to know about the adapter ring and transmitters. I'll keep that in mind!

  • CorojoCorojo Member
    are you going to be taking lights on location - or will they stay in the studio? Ed K.
  • Wink11Wink11 Member
    Hi Ed! My original course was studio only. However, my photography has been taking it's own course, It's leaning more towards location at the moment.

    I'm very new and have a bit of fear factor when it comes to off camera lighting. I have a wee bit of experience w/ "studio" lighting and feel boxed in by my lack of experience and finances.
  • CorojoCorojo Member
    we are using daylight balanced flourescent softboxes (320ws) in our available light studio - very pleased w/results. My wife does 3 infant/kids sessions per week and loves the WYSIWYG results. Super easy for her. HOWEVER, I would be very reluctant to use them for location work - as I think they would be somewhat delicate for transportation. Paul Buff gear is a great value in traditional lighting. Ed K.
  • NaftoliNaftoli Member
    alien bees are great! i have 2 b800s and 2 b1600s, it may be a bit of a learning curve for u if ur only used to natural light
  • CorojoCorojo Member
    Wink 11 - somewhere around here I have an OLD Broncolor Impac 41 Monolight. I think it's around 300 ws (BUT could be less) that was gifted to me years ago by a friend that was a commercial tog. It's old school - full,1/2,1/4 pwr. Have reflector/speed ring. Needs a pc cord (mini plug). Seems to work great. We never put into use as we were (are) still using Photogenic Powerlights for some studio work. If you want to give a shot, I'll regift to you for the cost of UPS. This sucker is heavy. studio # 419.381.1847. Ed K
  • Wink11Wink11 Member
    Thanks for your responses. A yr ago I had used Alien Bees at the local community college. I also have very little experience w/ other studio lighting.

    ED, that is a very kind offer on the lights. I don't know anything about that brand. I'll let you know!! Thx Where would you be shipping from? I live in NEPA. At this point any moolah I have to invest, will prob be spent on something more universal. However my happy place is newborns. I photograph newborns way less than I'd like. I've been having request for wedding, in home, garden shots, mommy and me, and the barn backdrop sessions.

    Do you have a link to your wifes work. I'd like to see her lighting results :)

    I'm drawn to the AlienBee because of the value, and some of the hand me down softboxes and stands I've been given, would help absorb the extra cost of a new lighting system. Just nervous about the triggers and adapters.

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