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How in the world are these photos so clean and sharp? They look 3D

crossover37crossover37 Member
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I don't understand it. If I don't edit my images they look soft and when I edit them they look better but nothing tack sharp like the photos on the blog below. It seems like there is perfect light in every shot.



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I think you're mostly seeing the effect of shallow depth-of-field / wide apertures.

    This helps make the subject pop from the background.
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    I'm not seeing the images you're describing. Perhaps it's my monitor. Those images are neither tack sharp or 3d looking. While they look very good, nothing quite jumps out...Some ARE actually soft, others depth of field is changed from shallow to large, as Neil alluded too, but in no way do they appear better then any others I've seen. I think it's my monitor, has to be..Please don't take that the wrong way, no offense intended, nor implied to the photographer crossover37. Love the images of the couple with the infant..
  • Neil - I use wide apertures as much as I can but can't get this sharp of an image. Is it possibly the combination of a wide aperture and nice light?

    Another thing is how is the light in all of these images so pleasant? My camera (5D Mark II) shows poor dynamic range (highight transitions are not smooth). Is it the editing? Even when I shoot next to a window I still get very bright areas and hot spots, not this smooth soft transitional light.

    penndragonn2001 - The images are definitely sharp and 3d looking (I'm using a 1080p monitor). I sometimes wonder if the editing has a lot to do with it and I hope it doesn't because I edit my pictures sometimes too much and it takes up a lot of time.
  • NaftoliNaftoli Member
    i dont see anything particularly sharp about these pics especially since he seems to be using only natural light when he should be using some fill flash imo
  • jaymjaym Member
    Are the images you are referring to the wedding images? I agree with the comments above in that the images appear slightly flat to me and lacking fill flash.
  • crossover37crossover37 Member
    edited May 2013
    I use flash and my images don't pop or look sharp like the photos on that blog I posted. Look at my website martisphotography.com.

    Her lighting looks great to me even if there's no flash. My images, even in nice light has hot spots...it just seems my dynamic range is bad and I have to work a lot in post processing to get the image to look semi-pleasant lighting wise. The baby room photos, that light is nice and soft, I'm assuming she used bounce flash to balance it?
  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited May 2013
    I have to agree. The images in that link do not look that good to me at all. Exposure is everything and if you follow Neil's teachings, balance the ambient with flash and use the histogram for subject exposure you get very good results. Several seconds PP in ACR/LR helps as well. A baby shower a few weeks ago for a close friend. In a basketball gym and no ceiling to bounce off. Half the wall from the floor up was blue which gave me about a 6 foot strip of off white to bounce off. You just have to work at it.

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  • ZenonZenon Member
    Actually I have a better edit. I could not delete the image in the last post.

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  • NaftoliNaftoli Member
    crossover37 i took a look at ur website, from what i saw many images look soft due to camera shake or misfocus also lots of clarity added in post, do u understand ur cameras AF system? maybe send in ur camera and lens to be calibrated
  • I had a 70-200 mm lens that was soft and had to be repaired. I couldn't get any sharp shots with it. I know that if I try to shoot really open with my Nikon 105 mm, sometimes they look soft as the photos can be a little out of focus if I move or the subject does.
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