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My first bounce flash images

msojkamsojka Member
edited May 2013 in flash & lighting
Hey there, I finally had a chance to test the bounce flash technique indoors after tons of Tangents reading in the recent weeks :)

We've visited our friends and they have 10 months young daughter.

Here's a comparison of how I exposed when flash did not fired vs. how it looked when flash actually fired (it's not the best photo, but the only one I had with and without flash).


And here's one of the better pictures...


I was quite amazed to see this work in the real situation.. Shooting at ISO 200, 50mm, f4 and 1/180 (I have Canon 6D so it's max sync speed) with the soft bounced flash resulted in the lighting and clarity that just couldn't be achieved otherwise.

Thanks for sharing so many great tips, Neil...



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