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JerryJerry Member
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Quick question. If using high speed sync to freeze action say at a shutter speed of about 1/2000 sec, would use manual flash, or is TTL flash the better option?


  • jhilgersjhilgers Member
    edited June 2013
    1. If the distance between your flash and your subject will be changing - TTL
    2. If the distance between your subject and flash will not be changing - Manual
    - not saying you can't use TTL with stationary subjects (because you can) just saying manual is more reliable shot-to-shot in this type of situation.

    My first question though is what are you trying to take a picture of that is moving? I hope it is really close to you; HSS is not going to throw light very far.

    Don't get me wrong, there are examples of where you could use flashes in HSS for moving objects. Here is one way. Lets say the example is you are at a track meet, taking photos of a runner going around a track. You want to freeze the runner's motion and get a crisp shot and you also want to throw some light on them. You could do the following.

    1. Place a bare speedlight on each side of the track on a light stand. They would be pointed inward towards the track's lanes.

    2. Set the zoom setting on the flashes manually to maximum zoom.

    3. Place both the flashes in TTL mode and grouped together.

    You could sit back a distance on the side lines with a telephoto zoom lens and pick off shots of the runner as they came in between the flashes. Your high shutter speed would freeze the motion and the flashes could provide fill light. Just one of many examples and applications of flash you could do.
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