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Nikon and Canon - is there a big difference in the color of a jpg

johnwizzjohnwizz Member
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I'm talking about the more expensive cameras here that would be used by wedding photographers.

I have a D800 and I've been trying to recreate the color, tone etc. of the images produced by wedding photographers using a Canon. It's driving me crazy.

Is there a big difference in the color and quality?

I'm trying to do everything in camera and not in post processing afterwards. Got any tips, links?


  • johnwizz,

    I recently attended a Beach Model shoot. Photographer I was working with was using his NEW Canon 5DMKIII. I was blown away by images SOTC! The rear LCD was so crisp and clear in direct sunlight, while I struggled to see my rear LCD at all! I'm viewing his photos and was amazed at their unaltered quality. Sure I was using my Lowly Nikon D7000, Different cameras by anyone's standards but come on! I don't know what his camera settings were, but I'd sure like to find out. I wasn't going to ask him either, simply because I didn't want to come off as rank noob. I'd love to own a Nikon D4 and compare it's SOTC pics to that Canon 5DMKIII.. Just for clarification, I'm neither a Canon, nor a Nikon fan boy, as the term goes...Just love pictures that are unaltered...
  • Why would you judge a cameras quality by what you see on it's monitor...??
    If you really want to be fair, 2 different brands, same subjects, raw files,side by side on at least a 20" monitor....plus what do they 2 different camera files look like after a filter is applied

  • jhilgersjhilgers Member
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    Just Google search for comparison information. There are plenty of people who have made posts with supporting photos and other data to show what the cameras are capable of.

    Check out Neil's favorite forum Dpreview *COUGHS*.

    Sorry Neil, I gotta mess with ya when I get the chance to ;)

    No, this is not Neil's favorite forum either. He just pointed out that a lot of people that are really concerned about every little spec, picture quality, noise comparison, etc likes this forum because all they focus on are these things when it comes to cameras.

    I don't shoot jpegs, but if you want straight up jpegs shot from a 5D Mark III or 1DX I can do that for you in the future. I have both of these models of cameras.
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    was simply an observation of how the picture looked on the rear LCD screen..That is all. Don't read too much into it. What amazed me more then anything was the ability to see the rear lcd screen on the Canon 5DMKIII in direct sunlight, as if I was actually in a room...it was that clear! And I do shoot jpegs as well as RAW...
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    johnwizz said: Is there a big difference in the color and quality?
    I've always had an easier time getting a nice skin tone from Canon than from Nikon. Which is why, when I shoot Canon (for myself), I use DPP to process the RAW files. This way the JPGs that I process from the RAW files have the same lovely skin tones.

    Tips? I like what I got from the D3 / D3s and now D4 bodies. But it took a process of iteration over time to finesse the default settings in Bridge / ACR to get a basic file that I like.
  • Alright, so dumb question Neil. Could a Nikon user technically use the Canon DPP software with a RAW file that came out of a NIKON camera and get similar results?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    No, DPP only recognizes Canon RAW files.
  • I figured the least, it makes sense.
  • Neil wrote: "But it took a process of iteration over time to finesse the default settings in Bridge / ACR to get a basic file that I like."

    Does Neil share those settings anywhere?

    I've got a wedding photographer friend who gets amazing images from his Nikon but doesn't want to share. He avoids anwering the question. It probably took him a long time to figure it all out. Learning by doing.

    I'm attending an action photography workshop later this month. Hopefully I will get some more tips.
  • johnwizzjohnwizz Member
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    Here's an interesting video on the subject on YouTube.com
    Do a search for:

    Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800 Part 2 with Mike Drew
  • jhilgersjhilgers Member
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    Just do a Google search for "Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800" and you will get plenty of results. I can't speak at all for the D800, but from all the reviews I have read of the two compared they seem on par with each other besides some subtle differences. I can definitely vouch for the new autofocus system in the 5D Mark III though - it is wonderful.




  • ZenonZenon Member
    I spent some time with a pro wedding photographer about 3 years ago. He had just switched from Canon to Nikon for the AF and flash. What he did tell me was he really missed Canon for the colours, particularly skin tones.
  • johnwizzjohnwizz Member
    edited June 2013
    Can help noticing the venom between Canon and Nikon users on YouTube
  • johnwizzjohnwizz Member
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    I'm begining to think that we Nikon faithfull can save some bucks with buying a Canon 5D mark III instead of a D4
  • edited June 2013

    Any one could, but the cost factor would be quite prohibitive. Switching between company's, you'd loose a ton of money. Seems you just have try different settings with the Nikon to achieve the Canon SOTC results. As I stated in my above post, I was shooting with a fellow photographer, and had all the basic settings identical, as much as possible. Granted, we're talking about the Rear LCD image, plus I was using a Nikon D7000, but we ALL do use the rear LCD as a gauge of sorts..and the images on the Canon 5DMKIII, were stellar ! If I had to do it all over again... Canon would probably rule out. Venom between Canon and Nikon in this thread? No way...not even close johnwizz. A camera is merely a tool, as we're all aware. Some cameras just tend to get certain things correct SOTC, and others need a little finessing. Period.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I felt I had no choice but to make the costly jump back to Nikon. I couldn't consistently produce work of a professional calibre with Canon lenses going out of spec, and with the unpredictable AF of the 1D mark3. It's all there in this blog post: http://neilvn.com/tangents/canon-and-nikon/
  • Thanks everyone for your input. The venom I mentioned was found in several OTHER videos on YouTube.com
  • Just seen Neils http://oneperfectmoment.com/simone-carl-maternity-photo-session/
    Now this is the color I want.
    Thanks for the link above. http://neilvn.com/tangents/canon-and-nikon/

    Having read both posts I can sleep better now with my Nikon D800.
  • I know that my color looked better once I switched in camera to Adobe RGB... (Nikon).
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