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Wedding Candid photography

candid photography in Chennai is now getting very popular. Every one like to capture their wedding moment with candid photography. Because the reason is photographer take some awesome moment in their wedding event. The People review is also same the previous line. How many of them like your candid wedding photography?


  • Yes, candid photography has been popular in the U. S. for a long time. They also call it 'photojournalistic' photography or 'journalistic'. It's more natural and casual than the formal posed portraits. But those are important too so don't abandon those traditional photos. Most good wedding photographers do both and do both well (like Neil).

    I think some photographers have gone too far with creativity. In their attempts to be different and creative they produce kooky unflattering photos with bride and groom and others posed in weird scenarios or settings or poses. Or with weird expressions or props. In the end it's about the bride and groom looking good and looking happy. It's not about how avant garde or kooky the photos or the photographer are. 
  • yes photographers are born for make creativity. :)
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