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Best buy for $1500

After a couple of wedding jobs early in the new year I will have some money to invest on new gear. I currently have a D300 and D700 in my bag and am looking to upgrade the D300.

In your opinions which represents the best way to spend $1500-$1800 a used D3 or a new slightly more expensive D750?

Any input from the 'togfather' Neil would be welcomed!


  • Neil has recently done a few Tangents articles on the D750 and its high ISO performance. He's also used D750 for other recent Tangents posts on related topics but not the D750 specifically. If you put D750 into search field in Tangents you'll see some stuff (maybe you already have). I think he likes it but hopefully he'll ring in here for you. 

    If it were me I'd always get a new camera over a used one but I'm sure others disagree with this. 

    I bought the D800 sometime this year and wish I hadn't. I've used it once or twice and would like the D750 instead. I'm going to try to ditch the D800 and get what I can for it and get a D750. Of course I'd like the D4s but it's too pricey.

    Read the reviews on both, you probably already have. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    A new (or even possibly used) D750 is a much better option at this point than a used D3. 

    You have a host of improvements over the D3 by now:
    1080p video
    improved focusing & more focusing options
    better high-ISO noise
    more pixels
    tilt screen

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    OMG!! Neil, you actually mentioned the D750 tilt screen. !!!  Not too long ago, a few here stated it was gimmicky, and no pro  needs or uses a  tilt screen. Just think  Neil, no more laying on the ground. LOL  I mentioned it to you some time ago when I was talking about the
    Articulating screen on my Sony A77  and A99 FF.  Love this!!  Had to put it out there Neil.  Limey, go for the D750, you won't regret it.

  • Thanks for the input all!
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