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Crop Sensor with regards to Focal length and Aperture

Saw an interesting thing the other day.
Pro tog said that to compare full frame vs crop sensor cameras you need to multiply the aperture by the crop as well to see what DOF you would get compared to the full frame.
In other words a 50mm at f2 on a crop (DX) should look the same as full frame at 75mm and  f3.
To put it another way, that 70-200 f2,8 vr I have been coveting will effectively give me f4.2 wide open. Not the creamy smooth backgrounds I wish for then :-( ?
Anyone have any thoughts on this issue? £1600 for a used f2.8 VR may not be such a good idea till I can get myself a FF body.
I would use it for weddings and portraits. It can be a struggle to blur backgrounds with the 55-200 f4-5.6 (f6-8.4?)



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