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Tethering Nikon D800

hkulahkula Member
edited April 2015 in Nikon
I am having trouble tethering my Nikon D800. The software Nikon Capture Pro 2 is reporting camera not found. Same difficulty with Lightroom 5. No problems tethering my D700. What am I not doing correctly?


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I use Nikon Control Pro 2 when I shoot tethered in the studio with the Nikon D810.

    It is very particular that the camera is switched on before the software is even opened up. 
    Perhaps you're hitting the same hiccup?
  • hkulahkula Member
    Thanks Neil. All of a sudden it started working for me. As you stated, having the camera turned on before the software is opened up does the trick.
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