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My Rand Paul portrait published!

My photos are finally landing in the news.  Here is a link to a news article which has a portrait I took of Rand Paul.

I know its a bit controversial, but thats what makes this kind of photography fun.  I would take some pictures of Democrats but it seems Hillary is in hiding and no one else seems to be running on their side.  


  • hey, that's great! Was this posed, or candid while he was speaking at an event?
  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
    edited April 2015
    The photo which I took used in this article was actually what most, if not all, would consider to be a non-keeper for very obvious reasons.

    While I was taking the photo I was getting pushed and shoved.  This guy jumps in the photo with Rand Paul unexpectedly...photobombing lets say.  It was a pretty good crowd.  I snap the picture and I get this photo which seems like a clear delete.  When I framed Rand Paul in the viewfinder all of a sudden I get knocked sideways and someone jumps in and the result was the photo below.  Now you can see why Photoshop is so expensive.  Turning really really bad photos into really really good ones to keep. Just change the background and you have a nice newsworthy picture. 

    I used DXO to batch most of the photos and focused on the ones I thought "they" would keep.  I turned in the entire batch and something about this one they liked.  They liked so much that they did some creative edits.  

    This reminds me of the time when I was assisting this wedding photographer years back and something went wrong.  He showed me what he was going to do with it which was to turn it black and white.  So an off photo turned into a much much better one worthy of the collection simply by eliminating the color.

    Here is the original photo:

    Here is the photo after some obvious edits:

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