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Photographers, what is your ready-to-go "Jump Pack" gear?

MichaelVMichaelV Member
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I always have so little time and all my photography equipment is stacked in a single spare bedroom.  Ive come to realize that I really need a "jump pack" where if someone called me right this second I could go out the door with enough equipment to shoot any event to a reasonable degree.  

My "Jump Pack" would be the three major zooms which are Canon 16-35 4.0, Canon 24-70 2.8 II and Canon 70-200 II 2.8.  I would have my Quantum trio with Custom Bracket and on a single tripod would be a Quantum T5D-R.  There would be a single body in the pack along with a few batteries and memory cards.  

So lets say if called right this second and I had to jump out the door I could grab one bag and one lighting stand with the T5D-R premounted.  That would be enough gear to get through an event.  Of course most, if not all, events are pre-planned.  Lets hope no one suddenly calls you and puts you on the spot, but at least you always have enough equipment at the ready to make a quick exit.  I do feel "love" for my primes, but if I could only have one pack and one stand then the primes will have to stay at home.  Sorry primes!  



  • First of all, make sure your batteries are charged and ready to go. If you have to run out the door no time to charge camera and flash batteries. And make sure you have memory card(s). I keep the cards in several places to be sure I have one in case I did not have one in the camera (but always have one in your camera). 

    My jump pack includes two bodies, one 70-200, one 24-70, and two flashes with modifiers. Also batteries and light meter. If it's an outside portrait also a big translucent shade. And a step stool because I am short. From there there are a lot of other options but that's about it for a bare minimum. I have run out with one body and one flash but you really need to bring back-ups regardless of the assignment or how last-minute it might be.  
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