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Shooting new calendar...Marly Set

This is the model Marly who we shot for a calendar project last year.  This year we hope on finishing the project.


The rest of the photos can be found on Flickr:



  • Gasp~
    I have a model shoot, in about 2 weeks, not nude but sexy clothing. Any advice for a rookie to avoid embarassment (of something physical reaction)?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2015
    Keep it simple and don't try to over-complicate things would be the first thing. No doubt others may chip in and give further advice.

    Couple weeks back I had to shoot some belly-dancers/cabaret/burlesque style shots, I had done some work with them before.

    We went to a local beach here where erosion over the years had shifted the foreshore back by around 50 metres and there was this one lonely dead tree left out in the beach, perfect to tie things in together.

    Couple of shots, first still plenty of light, but I still had 2 off camera flashes on her with the 'wings'

    Second shot, around 5.25 pm, half an hour before sunset, so I dropped ambient by around 2 stops and lit her up with 2 lights, but the little warm sunlight coming from camera left through a gap in the trees around 100 metres away was juuust enough to light up the edge of tree and tree roots, no other sunlit areas, just really lucky, and the 2 lights lit her up from camera right.


    Yep, she was also on stilts, no mean feat to keep her from sinking into the sand.

  • You could read through Neilvns past adventures and articles.  Also Google the word "models" into Google Images and you find many different pictures.  Lots of things on the internet to ponder.
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