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"How much?"

Nayeem_VohraNayeem_Vohra Member
edited December 2010 in wedding photography
I am sure a lot of us wedding photographers come across this situation when this is the first question a prospective client asks. I would like to know how Neil and others handle this type of situation. Thanks.


  • I'm sure others will disagree but I just answer. Usually it's in e-mail form, so I can throw other things out there, but if I'm out of their price range then ending the conversation right there isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • As a part time wedding photographer I charge £1000 for full days attendance period. No discounts or waffle straight talking always wins the day. The UK going rate for full time professional is £2000. I give them a DVD of all images and licence to print what ever. The economics in the UK at present is tough and the only wedding photographers making decent money are top guys charging £2500 plus for attendance but their market is considerably smaller, difficult to reach and satisfy..
    Hope this helps..
  • The key to dealing with this is understanding that most brides do not know what questions to ask about photography. So they start with the question that is safest and easiest - "How much?"
    When people call and ask how much, you want to engage them in a conversation first before sharing your prices. Something as simple as "Our prices vary on different packages, can we talk a little about your wedding and what you want first? I want to make sure I give you the best information." Then follow up with questions about their wedding.
    This allows you to talk to the client to build rapport and puts you in control of the money questions.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Nayeem .. a tough predicament.

    Clients do want to know how much they are going to spend on your services,
    but you also want the opportunity to show them the quality of your work.

    Then you also want to use price as a way to filter out clients which simply don't want to or can't pay the fees. No use in having them come in and meet with you if they aren't ever going to be your clients.

    I have my prices on my site as "starting at" ... and in this way pre-selecting potential clients. Then my prices and more images and info are on a pass-word protected webpage.

    I am sure the better sales-people amongst us will have a more elegant way of drawing in clients who initially appear to be very price-oriented in how they shop for photographers.
  • Thanks Neil and everyone else for their valuable comments.
  • I was wondering if you can direct me to posts on your blog about HOW MUCH to charge for weddings?

    Do you do Albums for people too? I prefer to stay away from wedding album creation, but some people want them.

    Any help would be much appreciated, and I wish you would come to San Diego for a seminar.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    My pricing is something I keep private via a password for clients. I'd rather not divulge it, for various reasons.

    I do offer albums.

    Pricing again, is password protected, just for view by potential clients.

    Re a workshop in San Diego ...
    my comment #12 there should explain it.
  • Neil, what is the package that you offer as a default or what would be a good practice? Is it just a DVD with images? An album? Prints?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Again, I'd rather not answer specific business-related questions as to how I run my photography business.
  • I understand.

    Anyone else would like to share? :)
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