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Holiday Camera

Hi folks

Don't normally do holidays, certainly not the once-a-year that a lot of people do. But! I am visiting my brother in the States later this year, and obviously want to take a camera. I don't much relish the idea of a 5D3 / 7D2 and a bag full of lenses tbh. What do other folks do for holiday cameras? Something small, light and versatile, but where, in decent light anyway, I'm not really sacrificing too much image quality.

Any thoughts gratefully received!!

Ta muchly.


  • I know it's old, but I have a Canon Powershot S5 IS, which is a great little camera. I take it when I want shots on the beach during vacation, or small family parties, etc. Shoots full manual, has a hot shoe, and some other nice features, but it doesn't shoot RAW. Again, this one is old, but I would highly recommend something newer from the Powershot lineup.

    I have no experience with the new mirror-less cameras.

  • Hmmm... I have a Nikon P7700 that I'd written off because it's so slow to use - by the time I get a shot, the moment will be very gone. Is the Canon range a good speed?

    I've been looking at the D5500 with an 18-200 as it's half a 7D2, but the micro four thirds seem even smaller, and then compacts are a bit smaller again. The MFT seems to offer a good balance so I'll have a look there as well...
  • I've never had problems with speed using the Powershot, but I'm not sure what you mean by "slow to use". Operationally slow? Shutter-speed slow?
  • it's slow in lots of ways. The AF is slow, changing aperture is slow, capturing a photo in RAW is slow (like it takes about a minute to write the file, even with a decent card - yawn!).

    The actual picture quality, in decent light anyway, is pretty good.

    I went out tonight to have a look at various choices. The store in question had lots of cameras to peruse, but only one with a battery charge. I ordered an Olympus E-M10 from Amazon, mainly because of their very generous returns policy - the size was about right, but no battery = no idea. So I figured I'd take a look :)

    Failing that, I've been digging into Canon's pancake lenses. I knew they did the 40mm but I must have missed the 24mm 2.8 STM. Those two plus an EOS 100D (SL1) might do. Interesting times, anyway...!
  • I've got the 40mm pancake lens and, although it's not my go-to lens, it really does produce a fine picture.
  • Hmmm... The Olympus seems a good little camera, but I am really not a fan of not being able to get any real bokeh with the kit lens. I know I can always get more lenses, but then I end up spending a fortune and I don't go away much. Perhaps an SLR and my crappy Nikon for emergencies... more digging needed!
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    If you're shopping for a new point and shoot, check out the Sony RX100 series. 

    The new one is the more pricey Sony RX100 IV
    but the Sony RX100 II still holds up well. 
  • Sony NEX 5n or NEX 6....Can be had for a song today as compared to just a few years  ago...Mirrorless with all or most of the features you'd ever need, and an APS-C sensor
  • Indeed, I've had a look at the RX100, and in GB we seem to be being done on the price - $900-ish turns into £900, and thus about $1400. I've had a look at the A6000, liked it, so now am comparing the two with the joys of Amazon.

    The A6000 has tremendous continuous AF - tracking horses was better than the Canon 5D3 in some ways. Image quality great too but shame about the kit lens.

    Tough choices!
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    The Sony A6000 is the upgrade to the NEX 6, I have both, both are fantastic...A6000 has a slightly faster AF with many more Focus points...

  • Geez, for that kind of money you could get a decent used EOS 600D and put your 40 mm on it.

  • This is true, although the only SLR to be close for size is the EOS100D, and I didn't like the grip etc - too small for my mitts.
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