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Leaving Aperture & Finally Ready for Lightroom

Hi All,

I've touched on LR a long while ago and I hung in there for as long as I could with Aperture but it is now time for me to make my move. My question is, especially to those who remember Aperture Libraries, do I want to create separate Lightroom Catalogues? I have personal photos, event photography, and virtual tour work which I want to keep independent of each other. Are (3) separate catalogues the way to go, opening the one I need at the moment or will it be fine to simply use key words somehow? And similarly, is it best to import directly with LR or should I first import into folders through Finder on my Mac before referencing with LR? I really do not want to import anything until I have this properly thought through first and I find tutorial videos are too inconclusive.

Thanks for your help and ideas in advance!



  • I moved from Aperture to Lightroom in Apr. 2015.  Before starting, I made a secondary copy of my Aperture Library.  That way, worse-case, I could go back to that as a starting point.

    I found this video to be very helpful: Getting Started with Lightroom 5

    The first part of the video goes over several steps prior to importing your photos; including setting up a folder structure outside of LR that suits your needs.

    I work with a single catalog and just created separate high-level folders for different work (e.g. volunteer work, personal projects, etc.).  I don't readily have links on describing multiple catalog setups.

    My setup puts a 'Lightroom' folder and 'Masters' folder on the root of a data drive (non-system drive).  'Lightroom' contains all the apps' settings, custom presets, as well as the catalog file.  'Masters' is a folder hierarchy of all my images (basically independent of LR).  That folder structure shows up within LR.

    Finally, as my LR settings/presets/etc are not in the default location (system drive), I ensure that associated software knows of my custom location.  e.g. I had to set the Datacolor SpyderChekr preferences so it knew where to save its develop presets.

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