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Adding Watermarks in LR - after converting to JPG?

Hi - I did a restaurant opening, and I have my photos all ready to go onto Dropbox for client delivery. One of the people from the Chamber of Commerce in the town where the restaurant is located asked if he could get a look or a copy (I forget) of the photos. I would like to put my watermark on those before letting him see them. Is there a way to do this without going through the RAW-to-JPEG conversion? At the very least, am I still looking at re-processing Jpeg-to-Jpeg to add the watermark?

Thanks - Dave


  • I found a way, and seems to have worked without any additional processing - I imported the final Jpegs into LR, and exported to a separate folder while adding the watermark. Clicked off anything additional (output sharpening, etc) in the export window. Seems to have worked with a lot less computer effort.

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