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WB ( Shift ) sometimes it used when a channel is blown out

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
edited August 2011 in general photography
Last question of the night

White Balance Shift.

I know sometimes it used when a channel is blown out

1 How do you know which ( or If a ) Channel is Blowing out

2 How do you figure out what WB Shift Comp to use ( Plus or Minus R or B for Nikon D3s )

Im still kinda of confused about this

Also its hard to see any shift in the LCD , should I use the histogram.

and what should I look for.



  • You can see which channel is blowing out by looking at the histogram that shows all three colors separately.
  • AllenAllen Member
    edited July 2011
    Hi Lou. Your camera's white balance fine-tune function is to compensate for light sources that don't match the colour settings of your presets (or to add a colour cast - you may prefer your images a little warmer than the boffins at Nikon). As you shoot in RAW this becomes irrelevant.

    The images that you've posted have good white balance, so leave it alone and definitely don't fiddle with it in the middle of a wedding shoot!

    Just shoot in RAW (which you do), expose correctly following advice in the blog and make minor adjustments in ACR.

    By the way, the highlight and shadow clipping warnings in ACR can be turned on or off with keyboard shortcuts o (overexposure) & u (underexposure).

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