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Instant Printing at an Event

Hi, All -

I have a potential hiring for an international event next year, and one of the requirements is on-the-spot printing of 5x7 photos of the 40-or-so guests of honor and their spouses/partners in front of a background. Can anyone recommend a decent printer which will not break my wallet? I shoot Canon.

Thanks - Dave


  • Hi Dave,

    Fantastic! I do not have much experience with printing on site, as it was always a hassle in the past. (I use to use dye sub printers worth thousands back in the day and the damn drivers would disappear mid event) LOL Stress Stress Stress!  With that said, I know a few photogs that use the fujifilm Instax printers now. They claim that it is simple to use and almost error proof. Once again, I have no experience with this system but I do trust them. I know you did not ask for input other than printer recommendation, but one thing I would add though, is your pricing structure for such events. They say 40 or 50 guests, so does that mean you need to print only 50 prints? or do they want candids printed out etc....? Get my drift? I have been to events where they said just need to print out a few step and repeats and all of sudden I have hundreds of people wanting prints. My point is to make sure exactly what is expected and be prepared. Printing on site is relatively expensive so you want to make to make sure its profitable for you to do. Just my two cents. 

  • Thanks, Jay. I had to be honest with the person about my experience with printing on site (none), how much call I've for it over the past few years (none), and I would be purchasing a piece of equipment I may never again have call for (maybe). I told her I would pull the trigger on one with an expiring rebate (more than a few recommended one from Canon) if there was some guarantee of a hire, but explained I knew I couldn't ask her to do that. She went with someone else who was already set up. Oh well. It was for next July.

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