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Retouching only for Album and Print files

Hi Neil, I know this is an old article 

But I have a question about it burning my noodle ....

You said ” Yes, I do use Photoshop but mostly only for removal of exit signs and skin retouching and such … and only on images that will appear on social media or on the blog. Definitely not for the 500+ images you deliver to the client. ” Im confused about one thing My question is,  do the clients not complain about the not receiving the retouched that you show online , or their images looking different?

Lou Recine 


  • Hi Lou,

    I cannot vouch for anyone, but I am the same way. I do not retouch hundreds of images. I retouch the ones for show and the ones that go in the album (if they opted for one). They receive the retouched ones of course along with the complete set. The complete raw image set is run through Lightroom or recently Capture one and or ON1 photo Raw depending on my mood of the week! LOL I do white balance, exposure, sharpening, noise reduction etc..Just the basics. (However if I see a huge stand out blemish and I want to keep that photo I will whip out the very time consuming healing brush and waste that millisecond of my life for the better good.  Never had a problem with them saying anything other than loving the images that were given. Hope that gives a little insight.

  • Thanks Yes I agree , But Im going to take care to open eyes , If I don't have a better alternative.
    Or Ive made a mistake Like posing the couple right in front of a Y fire hose connector .

    Lou Recine 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Just to mention that I did reply to Lou's question on the blog post itself: 

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