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Professional Courtesy?

I'm shooting a wedding next month (I only shoot 2-3/year) and the groom contacted me today and cc'd the florist about "taking and posting some pictures of the arrangements during the wedding"...I emailed the florist and she is requesting I get pictures of the bridal party flowers, centerpieces and the sign in , cardbox and seating chart area that she wants to presumably use for her website and/or social media, and offered to tag me and credit me for the photos. I obviously will be getting shots of all of these items even if she didn't request them..I have never met this woman before...has anyone ever done this out of professional courtesy for another vendor, or should I expect some kind of compensation other than credit for the images??



  • TrevTrev Moderator


    That is my answer and the reason simply is you are giving away the clients property, they've paid and contracted you to shoot their wedding photos, not for a vendor.

    I've had requests like this plenty of times, a polite "I give my images to the couple, you can talk to them about it and if they want to not a problem, as long as you give credit to me I would be happy for that to happen, but the couple have paid not only you, but paid me also so you would need to speak to them about that."

    Also, explain to the couple that you are happy to oblige but they would be responsible to give the photos to the florist/vendors.

    As for posting during the wedding, huh! If you shoot in RAW, as you should do, who the hell has time to grab shots to post to bloody social media.

    They should do what the vast majority here do, the florists, celebrants, etc., all grab their own shots once they've set up on a phone.

    About the only thing I can say, but yeah, 'nope' is my response, up to the couple.

  • Thanks for the input Trev...it was the groom who emailed me about this so the couple seems to be on board with it, and even though the wording of the email implies posting the shots during the wedding event I don't think that is what they meant..I work alone and don't have the capability or equipment to do that anyway..
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited August 2019
    Fair enough, just that in your post you said you had emailed the florist and it was she requesting those shots, but obviously if the couple are OK to give out those shots, it's their choice to do so as long as you are not being requested to send personally any shots to a vendor off the bat.

    Good luck mate with it anyway, hope you get great shots of the wedding.

  • I like the response that Trev suggested - having the couple give the photos to the florist with a credit for you -, and may re-word it to fit my own situations if they arise :)
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I would say YES - take photos and give them to the florist.  It is always a good business principle to build up relationships with other vendors.
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