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Tall and Small Combos!

LimeyLimey Member
edited August 2011 in wedding photography
I am shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks....the bride has a 7 year old daughter who will be bridesmaid. Has anyone get any advice for posing people of different heights like this for portrait shots? These will be high on the agenda for the bride!
Any reply much appreciated...


  • I just had a similiar situation this weekend. For me, and of course, this may be personal preference, shooting at the childs eye level was not the answer. When shooting children alone, I do prefer to be at their level. However, when an adult is added in, it looks odd to be at a low perspective. I didnt notice this on the small preview screen but when I got home, it was evident. So... if the child is the main subject, be on their level, if they are both predominant in the image, go with your normal adult perspective.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    For portraits of just the bride with the flower girl ... have the sit on her haunches, then she should be close to eye-level with the little one.

    For portraits of bride and groom with the flower girl:
    If there are steps, let the couple sit with the flower girl.

    Without steps, have the groom hold the flower girl in his one arm, by having her "sit" on his arm.
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