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White Balance

mvheystmvheyst Member
edited September 2011 in general photography
It is common practice to shoot in RAW, and change your white balance in post-processing.

When shooting, I want to get the white balance "roughly right".

Question 1:

If I use Auto White balance, should the Nikon camera be set to:
Auto1 Normal; or
Auto2 Keep warm lighting colors

(My camera is currently set to Normal or Auto1,0,0)

Question 2:

In post processing I may not know "which white balance setting to use".
It is obvious when you have it completely wrong (e.g fluorecent in tungsten).

My problem comes in when the changes are smaller.
Capture NX2 can use the Recorded Value, it can calculate automatically, etc. I get stuck at this point, as I don't know which setting to use. I am aware personal taste comes to play.

e.g. If you have a white table cloth, do you make the cloth as white as possible, or do you go with a yellow (warmer) or blue tint?

Question 3:

From your experience, do people / clients prefer pictures that have a "correct white balance setting". e.g. White table cloth is white, or do they prefer warmer colours (e.g. yellow tint) ?

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