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Facebook Permissions Etc

AndrewNAndrewN Member
edited October 2011 in general photography
Hi There

This may be a question for a Lawyer....

I am just wondering about posting clients images on my business or personal facebook page. I know there are various issues around copyright/broadcasting etc. I am wondering what type of releases/waivers/disclaimers if any do you get signed by clients prior to posting? And what are your views on this area of the business.




  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I have a general model release that is included in my contract with the bride and groom. Of course, this isn't and can't be a model release for the bridal party and guests. So there has to be some assumption on our side that if someone is in the bridal party, there is the knowledge that their photos will appear in an album, and very very likely online. And "online" these days mean Facebook.

    I haven't had anyone ask to have their photos removed yet, aside from a few clients that didn't like a particular photo or two ... which I then removed from the Facebook album. Sometimes a client just won't like a photo that you, as the photographer, thinks look great.

    With that, we can't be too stymied by the trappings of the releases / waivers / disclaimers, and just have to continue with the fair assumption that it is probably okay to use the photographs on Facebook.

    Oh, during the engagement photo session, I just verbally check with my clients whether they are okay with the photos appearing on Facebook and on my blog. Even though they may have signed the contract with the model release, I need to check ... and if at this point they'd rather not have their photos appear online, then I honor that request. But the verbal "okay" at the time of the photo session is what I go by.

    One criterium that I go by ... is that I will never post an image that isn't flattering. There's no "outtake" or "gag photos" that I will post. I can't afford to embarrass my clients or family or friends. It's just not in MY best interest as a business-person. The images HAVE to look good and be flattering.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I've read similar arguments and discussions against Facebook ... how it is bad for your business.
    Yet, it is the best tool available at the moment to promote my work and business.

    So I just wish all other photographers would be scared away from Facebook. ;)
  • Cheers Neil

    That makes sense and it's the way I currently operate, I was just concerned that maybe I should be doing more. There is some chatter here on radio shows in Ireland at the moment about this issue.

    I feel that once the photos are not embarrassing etc its fine to post them based on general model release and we are entitled to make some fair assumptions around that.
    On that basis if someone complains it's easy to just remove them and move on


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Andrew ... the radio shows (like much of the News business), runs of controversy, even if they have to manufacture it or blow it up to more than it really is.
  • That's so true. I've never had anyone ask me to remove photos from Facebook (except for some vacation pictures of my sister in a bathing suit). I think it's a manufactured controversy.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Oh, you are so going to share that with us then! :)
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