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2nd Camera body

David67David67 Member
edited January 2012 in wedding photography
Hi Neil,
I was wondering if you could recommend a camera to use as my second body. I currently shoot weddings with my D700 and have 4 fx full frame lenses. My budget is limited unfortunately so buying another D700 is out of the equation. I was looking at the D7000 as a max spend and really want to use my 2nd body with my 18-35 wide angle as a quick shooter inbetween other shots.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • StephenStephen Member
    edited January 2012
    I don't own a D7000, but if you put an FX lens on a DX camera, you are going to need to account for the crop factor. That 18-35mm FX lens is going to give you a field of view of approximately 27-52mm on a DX camera. Is that wide enough for you?

    The other suggestion is to sell one of your FX lenses (the one that gets used the least) to help you buy another D700. When you are doing a wedding, you do not want to have to fight with the controls when you change camera bodies. There are significant control differences between the D700 and D7000 that might trip you up in the middle of the wedding, causing you to lose a precious shot.

    Neil has shot with the same camera model on all his bodies to keep his workflow the same:
  • I'd look at getting a second D700 (consider second hand) and if that is not possible, rent it until your business justifies you buying one.
    My first outing into wedding photography was working alongside a pro as he worked as the main photographer. I was using a 1D MKII and 5D. I quickly learned that having cameras with two different sets of controls, crop factor and IQ was a nightmare. There is enough stress and strain in shooting weddings without having to master two different cameras.
    Before I shot my first wedding on my own, I switched to Nikon, one of the factors that caused the move was the D3 and D700 were near identical, so I could have a second body but without the cost of having to buy another D3.
    As I like to use a camera with dual card slots for security, after a few weddings I found the D700 started to be a bit limited. So I sold the D700 and now I rent a second D3s for weddings (as I'm starting off I don't have many weddings a year so renting is possible).
    Once the numbers of weddings get to a point that renting does not make sense I'll get two identical bodies.
    Think about if something happened your D700, could you shot a wedding on a D7000?


  • Thanks for the onesty guy's, I think I knew that would be the reaponse. I have 5 weddings so far booked in and would love a 2nd camera to shoot with at these weddings. I don't think I can muster up enough dough in such a short space of time. It hasn't crossed my mind to rent a camera before so I will look into that jahern. I will have to save the pennies. P.S. how much are the D700's 2nd hand, sureley not that much cheeper than new? I will have a mooch for one.
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited January 2012
    As far as I can tell, used or refurbished D700s are going for close to the retail price of a new D700.

    Nikon maintains an outlet store for refurbished or clearance items. Check here:

    Note that the D700 is a "retired" camera in Nikon's lineup, so it is at the bottom of the page in the above URL.
  • Thanks stephen, I'll check it out.
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