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Suggestions on Business Management Software (Mac)

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Any suggestions/recommendations for a Mac based money management software (desktop or online). I want to be able to manage my business accounts, write invoices, manage customers, etc. I know about Quickbooks online and Quicken and a few others. I'm just interested to see what others' experiences have been. Or maybe you're using something totally different with great success.


  • I use AccountEdge Basic from Acclivity (formerly MYOB FirstEdge) as my accounting software. Back in the days before Quickbooks was available on Mac OS, it was one of the very few options, so I have continued with it.

    It is available on the Mac OS App Store for $99 which allows you to install and use it on up to 5 machines, and if you keep your company file in Dropbox, you can access it from anywhere you can connect to the internet and keep it current without having to sync up multiple files ... they also have a iOS app so you can do some work on iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch if needed.
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