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rlemishrlemish Member
edited May 2012 in flash & lighting
Exciting news about the new canon flash however with 6 nikon flashes 2 of ea sb600 sb800 and sb 900 i am too

committed to change.

Would you agree with this new development that Nikon can't be too far behind in developing similar technology in their

next generation of flashes ?? Do you have any inside info on this ?

I was contemplating purchasing a third PW TT5 should I hold back for now ??

When is your next book coming out ??

Is there any possibility that you will return to WPPI next winter ?


  • I don't see what the new Canon Speedlite offers that your PW don't, other than it's more compact/integrated. I'm glad to see radio being incorporated into flash units (and hopefully cameras soon), but that's purely in interest of seeing technology move forward. The new Speedlite doesn't offer me anything; it's a high-end flash and not backwards compatible. Most people don't have the capital to replace their entire set of Speedlites, especially when there are alternate methods (radio triggers) that work with any light. I think this new flash mostly benefits people who are just now seriously getting into portable flashes, pros for whom it's beneficial to sell off all their 580s and spend for the upgrade, and the ridiculously wealthy who just have to have the latest gizmos. Even then, I don't see the mass exodus happening until you can control the lights from your camera, without anything in the shoe.
  • NaftoliNaftoli Member
    i doubt nikon is far behind lets not forget that till now nikon speedlights were way better then canons, though it seems Nikon has a way of annoyingly not caring if there competition comes out with somthing new
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Here's my review:

    Nikon will inevitably do the same thing. I am surprised they didn't get there first.

    If you're shooting Canon, then I honestly think the 600EX is the way to go.

    Re my book .. I am still writing it. No idea of the publisher's schedule.
    Same with WPPI ... they haven't announced anything yet.
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited May 2012
    Nikon would be foolish to cede the built-in radio flash market to Canon. PocketWizards and RadioPoppers have to reverse engineer the signals to mimic TTL, so sometimes there are hiccups. It's usually better to get the functionality from the source. Another gripe I have with PocketWizards is the FEC information is not transmitted to the EXIF. Sometimes, I want to see that data.

    From reading Thom Hogan's blog, I get the gist that Nikon has a set of blinders on and thinking they know what the market wants, so sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they don't.
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