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Frustrated fill flash problem

ShawryShawry Member
edited July 2012 in wedding photography
Not sure if this is me being an idiot but I am getting a problem with fill flash on my 5D MkII. My second body is a 1D MkIII and not a problem when using AV mode, flash dial down to -2 fire away no issues. The 5D however is so intermitant that I get a run of blown out shots. I do use manual most of the time but talking about those rapid shots when time is short and as a UK photographer light changes so rapidly. Ive tried in TV mode up to sync speed and all is fine - just in AV. Was wondering if it was because the 1D has safety shift? Anyone have any advice apart from shooting full manual!!


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    when you say you use manual .. is this manual exposure mode on your camera, or manual flash?

    If the one camera works, and the other doesn't, it sounds to me like the one camera needs to go in for calibration again.

    I think what you might hit here, is maximum sync speed? Where the camera limits the shutter speed, and your shots are over-exposed by the ambient light when the ambient goes brighter momentarily.
  • ShawryShawry Member
    Thanks Neil
    manual mode on camera - I forgot to say I always enable HSS and wonder if this is not communicating so limits shutter speed to 1/200 - perhaps yes a service is called for.
  • I have the same problem with my 5D mkII, and I think it is just a characteristic of the camera. Specifically, the dumb metering system.
  • ShawryShawry Member
    Yes I am thinking the same re the metering, like I say never get it with the 1D and actually cant remember having the problem with the original 5D
  • On the other hand, my camera's shutter is way over 150k actuations. So, maybe we both need to take our 5D2s in for some work.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    aaaah ... the grossly over-exposed shots you intermittently get with Canon flash?
    I called these "TTL flash dumps". They happen. Courtesy of Canon.
    That's about as far as I can hep you with this.
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