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What do you bring with you to a wedding in the way of props ?

TrevTrev Moderator
edited October 2012 in wedding photography
Seeing Neil's latest Tangents post on getting this shot with this great hand-held mirror gave me a thought of maybe even getting something similar as a prop to add to the 'range of shots' I normally take which in turn led me to posting this for ideas, etc.

So what do you bring to use maybe as props and when are props too 'kitch' and too bloody predictable to use, or downright plain ugly.

Some of the things I bring, but only use 30% of the time, not every wedding and only when a bride wants it when I tell her what I have or in some cases they ask me prior what I have.

1] I have a great bedside table lamp, tungsten lighting I take with me, to get those moody shots, as a lot of places/hotels have those energy saving white bulbs or LEDs which give a lousy light.

2] I do have some umbrellas as in the see-through paper types with cane/bamboo framing, handles to use so I can shoot through them or use to effect similar to this article by Josh Lynn and other ideas of their use. They also have various motifs printed on them, flowers or butterflies, birds, etc.

3] Picnic style blanket/s, to spread on ground under a great tree or in general especially when flower petals lying around the place like this shot I saw during the practice ceremony; and she wanted a shot under that tree with the flowers and since the ground was wet, it was a 'rainy' wedding, she brought her own blanket she wanted in this case when I told her what I had in mind.


4] Also in conjunction with the blanket, maybe an actual picnic basket and an empty wine bottle [good quality one that looks great] lying on it's side as in empty. Once again, only when they want that.

Some ugly things I have seen: Images where they bring toy guns or water pistols and do a 'gangster' shot. Cringe factor up in the 1000s. Ugggh! Now it's fine if it's a 'themed' wedding but when they are done up in normal attire and don't have the clothes/cars, then it's downright ugly, in *my* opinion.

Anyone else?



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Nope, no props. Never even thought of it.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    A good while ago [few years] a lot of brides always asked for them, umbrellas, etc. and it died off a natural death so I thought, but in the past 12-18 months or so I now get quite a few questions asking what I can bring, hence my question.

    I don't offer of course since I don't want to have the extra burden of carrying stuff, but the table lamp I have started taking as a lot of the newer hotels where I live by law now have to have those eco light bulbs and they look terrible so the nice tungsten lamp gives me a great backdrop for a few shots.

  • I've never taken any myself but had wondered the same thing after watching a video of another photographer doing some mirror shots with both a handheld and ornate small framed mirror. It seemed unlikely both just happened to be there which made me wonder if he'd brought them as props.
  • I have never carried props, but I have had the brides show up with some. Maybe a guitar if they are a musician, or something thats important to them. I have thought about it, but I really dont have room in my trunk for it after loading up my gear and all my backup gear (you never know).

    Joshua Westbrook
    Pixelus Photography
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