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Using light to reduce size of nose

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
edited January 2013 in news & discussions
Hi - I took some nice headshots of a young woman the other day. I was pleased with the (studio) lighting, nice ratio, decent (not textbook though) shadow on side of nose suggesting loop lighting I think. But then my husband said 'There's something going on with her nose.' Hmmm..... he was right. Not sure if she had a large nose or not but whatever I did with the lighting I must have exaggerated the size of her nose. So my question is, how do you use studio lighting to reduce the size of a nose. Or at least not to exaggerate it. Flat lighting? I've been trying to get away from flat lighting and put some better dimension and shape in my headshots. Thank you. I cannot post a photo. But I am wondering in general what technique is best to flatter large noses.


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