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Nikon D600 to LR to CS5: Adjustments aren't carrying over to CS5

jensheafferjensheaffer Member
edited April 2013 in home
I recently got a D600. I had to add the patch tool/converter to make it export to CS5 from LR. However, if I make any adjustments in LR, they do not transfer to CS5 when I export them. Any ideas on a fix without buying CS6?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2013

    When you say 'export' them and 'transfer' to CS5, are you working on the images in LR, and actually saving/exporting or do you mean you want do an edit in Photoshop but come back to LR or you actually are exporting the edited files out and they won't open in Photoshop?

    First things first.

    1] If you are editing in LR, and you just want to then tweak the file further in Photoshop and have it come back into LR so you then export all the files into a finished file, you need to make sure you can see CS5 as the 'External Editor'.

    Edit Prefereneces:


    Then to do that, you merely right click on an image and choose 'Edit In...' and you should see this. Shortcut: Ctrl/E


    Once you choose CS5, you should then get this:


    If, for some reason you don't get that box to choose, go to Edit/Preferences and under the 'General Tab' click 'Reset all Warning Dialogs' and try again.

    Image should go into Photoshop, you edit/tweak, Save that file, close, go back to LR and it should pop back into it next to the original file.

    However, note that once you do that, all the settings will look zeroed out, that's because the file [PSD or TIFF] is not a RAW and therefore is treated like a jpeg, you won't be able to change the Camera Profile, but you can still tweak further with all the other settings.

    2] If you mean you are actually 'Exporting' [Ctrl/Shift E] out the edited files to another destination you need to set up the export dialog box to suit.

    I'd export them in 2 ways, a) if you are happy and am not going to further edit, export them out as jpegs, ready to print; b) if you want to edit/tweak further, export them out as PSDs, then Save As jpegs if you are happy.

  • I typically import to LR. Make a few adjustments: exposure, white balance, clarity etc. Then I ctr-e to export to CS5 to make my fine tune adjustments like cloning, running actions. Then I ctr-s to bring back to LR. Sharpen, organize and then export my final jpgs to folders on my computer. I have done this a zillion time before I got my D600. Then it would not let me do it anymore. So I added the converter and I could then go over to CS5 but my LR adjustments do not copy.
    On the warning sign--I only get that IF I have brought my image back to LR and then back over to PS again. Then they ask me if I want to edit with LR adjustments.

    Make sense?
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited April 2013
    The Adobe Camera Raw converter that is inside Photoshop CS5 does not support the Nikon D600 Raw format. That is why the LR adjustments are not getting passed into CS5.

    I presume you have LR4 if you are able to load up the D600 Raw files.

    The only known way to work around this is to download the Adobe DNG converter, and save all Nikon D600 raw files as DNG files in LR and then pass them into CS5. Is this the patch tool you are referring to?

    If you want the same workflow that you had before upgrading to the D600, you have to upgrade your Photoshop to CS6.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Stephen, yes, I never thought about the files, as I only have 1 model of the Nikon cameras but you solved it. :)
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Jen .. if you have the latest version of Lightroom, but only staying with CS5 ... then Stephen is correct in his take on your problem. Adobe changed the way Camera RAW works and uses the info in the sidecar file.
  • Jen, change the external editing dialog so it makes TIFF files to send to Photoshop. I would change Trev's above so you could get full quality files: 16 bit/component, Prophoto RGB, and make it a TIFF rather than PSD. Then you can use any version of Photoshop - LR will do the rendering of the TIFF, not Photoshop. (At least, that is my understanding of how it works.)
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