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Bizzare LR Behavior and scrambled file sequence

Wink11Wink11 Member
edited April 2013 in home
I have a new computer and just tried my first imports w/ my LR3. The file sequence is not in order. For example it reads BON_6302.NEF, BON_6299.NEF, BON_6304. I also have another job I did on this same card that I renamed in camera, VAL. They are all mixed up w/ my BON files??? I can't click the first image and last image in the series and highlight/import. I have to hand check each one. BIG PAIN

Is there a setting I'm missing. It's fine on my Laptop which I also run LR3

One more scary thing...upon the import dialog I check my device and start checking files, it then kicks off saying no image found?? In the left hand corner it flickers w/ the Please Select a Source. It has been doubling my j:\(NikonD700) as a choice. I will then get a few checks in and it kicks off. EVERY TIME!! I tried both ports on my desktop, same thing?

Any thoughts would be a huge help. I just got set up on a new Spyder calibrated machine and now this!!! I just want to roll already.


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