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Nikon D200

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Got a great deal on a barely used Nikon D200. I couldn't pass it up. Came with the camera, MB-D200, Two batteries, Charger, all original documentation, cables, caps, and boxes..Only 17,000 Clicks too! If you didn't know it, you'd think it was new. Person took excellent care of it. It's a Very nice camera. It will be a great back up to my Nikon D7000, and Sony NEX 7, or as a single use camera..Solid feel, weather sealed, not a scratch or a single mark on it anywhere. Took it out today for some test shots, I was quite impressed..Sure it's Only 10.2 MP, But that means zero to me. I tried my Nikon 60mm F2.8D Micro lens, and my Sigma 14mm F2.8 UWA Lens on it just for test shots, and it's flawless! Just thought I'd pass it on. You can find excellent deals on used gear...


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    penndragonn2001 said: Sure it's Only 10.2 MP, But that means zero to me.
    Absolutely, all camera manufacturers tout the 'megapixels range' as if it's some sort of demi-god, it's not.

    Actually, some of them 'cheat' re Mp size, they have algorithms to 'boost' the Mp size in camera and it's not really that size.

    I have tested from my D3s which is *only* 12.1mp, exported the RAW out of ACR and choose 6mp at 200 dpi, got it printed as large as I could locally, 16x24 and a 'Full Res' @ 12.1 mp @ 300 dpi one as well, could not discern one single pixel difference between the 2.

    Good luck on your find. :)

  • Thanks Trev..

    Couldn't have stated it better myself.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Also should have said it's the old adage: Quality over Quantity.

    Even at Billboard size they are usually printed at 100-140 dpi and you don't discern because it's meant to be viewed at a distance, you don't go right up and pixel-peep, you enjoy the image from appropriate distances.
  • With the MB-D200 Battery grip, the whole package is somewhat larger then My D7000 with Battery grip...It feels much more solid and well built then the D7000, and that's an amazing Camera in and of itself. Love the feel and versatility of DSLR's with the battery Grip. Once you start putting those large Tele's or zoom lenses on, you really begin to appreciate a battery grip, even if it's simply for the stability alone.
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