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Using the wireless feature to proof photos

jsteltingjstelting Member
edited April 2013 in home
Now that alot more cameras have the wireless feature do you think more photographers will have a tablet or laptop hooked up during a wedding to instantly proof their shots? Not talking about during the actual ceremony but the shots taken after, i.e. the bride/groom, wedding party, family shots, etc.


  • ZenonZenon Member
    I had to think about this one for a bit. Although we are relying more on technology every day I don't think the client is all that interested in that during the gig. There is so little time between the ceremony and reception which is always behind schedule I'm not sure there is time to proof and re-shoot. I find the couple and bridal party are tired at this period and would rather have a beverage and a snack after about an hour of shooting. Maybe one day but for now we have to just keep motoring along, work at taking the good shots as we go and do our magic during PP.
  • I was thinking more on the line of the first group shot, to proof it. Obviously after that one all the settings would be the same. Also, this could work better if you had an assistant to proof the images while the next group is getting ready. This way you could make sure of getting at least one image of no closed eyes, etc.
    I don't think it would take any longer to proof the shot on a tablet than on your camera. It might be quicker with the larger screen.
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