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flash/strobe triggers

CorojoCorojo Member
edited April 2013 in flash & lighting
looking for a few sets of bullet proof of triggers for both studio/location shoots. As we shoot manual, no need for HSS or ETTL. Max syncs on our 1D frames are 1/250 sec. Need pc. cord from transmitter to our bodies. Need HH cord/plug from receivers to our lights. Do NOT want hotshoe transmitters unless they are small and have a pc cord and can be velcroed to the sides of our on camera flashes. Our on camera strobes are 580's & 580 ex'2s (using the hotshoes). Have seen hot shoe transmitters w/pass thru coupling to an above on camera flash - looks cumbersome/delicate to me. Only need a max range of 100'. Micro Sync make some triggers that fit the bill, but only sync to 1/200 sec (not really a big deal). Any thoughts. Thanks, Ed K.


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