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Entertainment for you at the expense of my clumsiness and stupidity.

jhilgersjhilgers Member
edited June 2013 in Canon
This is probably far from the most appropriate material to post in this forum however, I think you will find a recent dilemma (which was self-stupidity induced) quite entertaining. It was a lesson learned even after the fact that I knew one day it was going to happen. In the end of all this I have happiness and I am gratefully bowing to Canon and thanking them a million times for having mercy upon my soul. You will soon understand why…
So here I sat at my desk, a little over a week ago, switching out a lens with another and attaching it to my Canon 1D-X. To my left sits a can of Pepsi … Yes you already know what is going to happen at this point. So, I remove the cap from the back of my lens and then remove the body cap from the camera. In the attempt to unite the lens and camera together somehow as a part of this equation my hand thought it would be wise to bump and knock over my newly opened can of Pepsi all over the desk and over the camera! Oh, but I thought it would be wise to let the lens drop on the soft carpet vice the camera, yet the camera is probably more durable than the lens … figure that thought process out for me because I am still trying to myself. Needless to say I had Pepsi all over my camera and down into the mirror box!! The outside of the camera no big deal, the thing is sealed quite well for moisture, but not in the front of the mirror box it isn’t! I have never dropped so many “F” bombs in my life and as quickly as I could I turned the camera upside down and begin to blow out any liquid that I could with a GIOTTOS Rocket Blower; I did not know what else to do.
As little as I could do, there was still Pepsi all over inside the thing even on the sensor – Lord help me. So, I sent it off the Canon telling them how dumb I was and asked what they could do.
The shipment took two days to get to them. One day later I got an email from them stating what all needed to be replaced. The entire mirror box, mirror, the underside of the screen focus assembly, the pentaprism assembly, and … and … yes the sensor had to be replaced! *forehead palm plant*
I figured after all that I would be expecting to pay at least 3K minimum to fix it. Well, the very next day Canon told me that everything would be covered under warranty and the camera would be returned to me within about 5 days’ time.
Needless to say, it took them two days if that and they FEDEX shipped it back to me. I just received it today and it is all sparkly clean and works like brand new again! “Wow!” is all I can say. I had to call them up myself and at least thank the person (available upon request) who actually worked on my camera.
In the end I have to be more thankful than ever for a situation that could have been worse had Canon not felt sorry for me because I was stupid. "I love you Canon."
I figured anyone who read this would get some type of laugh out of it if not at the most simply shake their head in amazement.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Nope, ain't laughing, the moment I read "Pepsi Can" before I even read your very next words, I had that *oh damn* moment, now after reading the entire story, I am giving Canon a quiet clap inside my head, that was v-e-r-y nice of the particular Canon repairer you sent it to. Very nice indeed.

    I had the unfortunate event of dropping my Canon 24-70mm lens into sand around 3 years back, it was sent to Canon and parts were $9.95 each for 2 ring seals ($19.90 parts only) and the bill, well let's just say I dropped more than a few 'F' bombs when I was told. $550 for labor, plus parts, plus shipping.

    Tell me, when you spoke to the actual guy who did the repairs, what was his comment to you?

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yikes! This is not good.

    My worst "spilling soda" moment was sometime last year, while walking around in New York, and I saw a building's interesting architecture which I wanted to Instagram.

    I lifted my iPhone up to get the angle, and then wanted to steady the iPhone with my left hand as I take the shot ... forgetting I was holding a full can of Coke in my left hand, which I then proceeded to pour over myself as I tilted the camera back.

    So ... not nearly as expensive as your predicament. Actually, now I feel a little foolish even mentioning this in comparison to the hit you took on this accident!

    My most expensive mistake ... climbing out of a taxi-cab in New York, with a D3 and a brand-new straight-out-of-the-box Nikon 35mm f/1.4 ... and I didn't have the strap around my wrist or shoulder. I just climbed out of the cab with the camera on my lap. *Thunk!* That was expensive, since the lens mount was warped as a result.
  • as well as being bad for photo equipment.....and your body....only exception should be with alcohol.....
  • ZenonZenon Member
    I'm not laughing either. Wow. You are lucky they covered it under warranty. It pays to have insurance though. I have an additional rider on my house insurance. Dropped my 300L F4 IS about 6 weeks ago and it was covered.
  • I put a Nikon12-24mm in the pocket of my leather jacket just prior to shooting a wedding - I can't even remember why now I didn't just bring in my rolling case. At any rate, I patted my pocket to make sure my keys were in there before I closed the door and WHAM! Out comes the lens so hard onto the concrete that I couldn't even get the lens cap off. It was fixable, but not under warranty.
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