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advantage of Nikon D300 over Nikon D200

joeylibbyjoeylibby Member
edited January 2011 in Nikon
Can I see the full frame in the D300? Do I need an SB 900 or will my SB 800 work just as well?
Will my D200 lenses work with the D300?


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Nope .. D300 is still a crop-sensor camera, but with much improved image quality over the D200.

    Your SB-800 will work fine, as well as all your lenses.
  • The D200 viewfinder does not offer 100% view of the captured image, whereas the D300 does ... if that is what you meant by "see the full frame" ...

    For me, the three most important factors between the D200 and D300 is the D300 has a much better AF system in both responsiveness and accuracy and has better higher ISO image quality ... ISO 3200 is very nice and even ISO 6400 is usable with a little TLC in post processing ... finally, the FPS of the D300 is better at a base of 6fps and can be increased to 8fps with other battery options as the D200 is only 5fps ...

    That said ... I find the overall image quality of the D200 is quite acceptable at normal ISO (100-800) ... the resulting 10MP image file is more than enough resolution for portraiture ... I also like the fact that the D200 base of ISO 100 vs the base ISO of 200 for many other Nikon DSLR's ... when you are in a situation where you would like to control the DOF, that extra stop can make all the difference when working in close quarters and you would like to blur the backdrop just a bit ... for many studio flash units, you can't dial the power down low enough to achieve the proper ratios at ISO 200 when working in close proximity of the subjects ... and may also not have the ability to move the studio units further from the subject to lower the intensity ...

    Yes, the SB800 works wonderfully well with both ...
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    DP Review, as always has a thorough review.
    Here is their comparison between the D200 and D300

    The D300 is superior in every aspect:

    As well as image quality:

  • I can't make a comparison to the D200 because I don't own one, but I can tell you the D300s is a very capable camera. AF performance is very good, frame rate is excellent and gets better if you add a grip. (BTW that grip will also fit a D700).
    It has dual card slots, unfortunately one is SD, the other CF, but you can use the second slot as backup or overflow. Has the self cleaning sensor which reduces time between having to do it yourself. Nikon claims a weather sealed magnesium body, and it is rugged, I have hammered one for over 3 years and it never skipped a beat.

  • I still shoot with the D200. It's a seriously good low ISO camera, and I especially like the way it renders the color palette. I almost "upgraded" to the D300, but I rarely shoot action and the high ISO improvement was marginal so now I'm looking for another lightly used D200 instead.
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