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iMac memory

rafiayubrafiayub Member
edited February 2011 in post-processing
My new i5 27" iMac is having only 4 Gb Ram. I am a wedding photographer and I need advise for upgrading the Ram.
Two memory slots with 2 X 2 = 4Gb onboard and another two slots are available to upgrade.
Should I go for 4 X 2 for 8+ ?. Or okay with 2 X 2 for another 4+ ?


  • Either combination will work. Depending on your location, the price for either combination will be close.

    See this for a basic price comparison:
    http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=iMac 3.6GHz Intel Core i5 (27-inch - DDR3) Mid 2010&pl=Apple&cat=RAM
  • More RAM! More RAM is like asking a Race Car driver if he needs more power.

  • The thing to consider is will you want to add even more RAM later, that might effect how you fill the slots so so your not throwing some out later.

    But I'm a bit confused by your question, it's probably just me, but are you asking should you add another 2 x 2GB to give you a total of 8GB? or remove the existing 2 x 2GB and replacing with 2 x 4GB so you leave 2 x slots free?

    If so then it's only worth doing the later if the mac dealer is letting you 'replace' the 2 x 2GB in some sort of deal (if they are keeping the 2 x 2GB and 'upgrading' to 2 x 4GB). I would go for this option if the deal is a little more expensive than just adding another 2 x 2GB, but don't pay too much more.

    Of course if this is a computer you already have and are asking if you should 'replace' existing RAM and leave 2 x slots free, there isn't any speed advantage I know of doing it that way, you just need to match the pairs. And if you are considering buying an extra 2 x 4GB, leaving the other 2 x 2GB in will of course give you 12GB (nice:)
  • @Graham: thank you.
    My question is, should I go for total 8 gb by adding 2 X 2 or total 12 gb adding another 2 X 4. I think, here it is expensive than other part of the world.

    Considering the utility of a wedding still photography, should I keep it 8 or 12?
  • You would probably be fine with the 8 Gb. I just added 8Gb to mine for a total of 12 Gb, but I am getting into more video and want the extra processing power. I will probably upgrade to 16 Gb total later in the year if I need it.
  • rafiayub: You can never have enough RAM. 8GB is probably the minimum if you want to do photo processing work and run other applications simultaneously. For example, I have Photoshop and Lightroom both active on a 4GB Macbook Pro, and I can observe performance differences than if only one was open.
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