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Boudoir balance tungsten side lamps with flash

interceptorinterceptor Member
edited August 2013 in technique & style & stuff
Hi, i would appreciate some basic advice to take some boudoir shots in a hotel room.

This will probably be in the evening so little or no daylight available.

There will be bedside lamps that i want to capture, but flash will be the main light source (speedlites x 2, shoot through brollies x 2). Its possible there may also be a main tungsten ceiling light (antique multi bulb type) in the room.

Whats the best method to light the model on the bed but also capture the lamps (previous attempts resulted in virtually no light registering).

Is it the case to simply use the slowest shutter speed possible, such as 1/80 or 1/125 and use the aperture/flash power to ensure the model is lit? Camera on manual, flash on manual.

Also, i haven't used a softbox with a speedlite before (only with studio units), is this worth considering i.e. is there enough power using a Canon 550EX?
Although i have used shoot through brollies with speedlites, i'm also considering white reflective brollies for a softer light???
Useful comments would be most welcome.


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