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When vision fails to meet reality

I have had this idea for some time but the original model (a guy that looked the part) bailed on me. I then asked a friend to help out and she said yes...well, the final photo just has no impact on me because of her facial expression and body language. I just could not "pull" it out of her...but at least I tried and learned a lot. I would have preferred to shoot this with more a a "big city" feel but we still live in small city USA: Population 20

I often feel that my ideas get boxed, shelved and forgotten unless I act on them quickly. This one had dust on the box but since I am trying to grow and improve, it was un-boxed and we went out and tried. Even if the final photo did not meet my vision, the attempt was there. So I am sharing a failure for feedback and to inspire. A failed attempt is better than not trying...right/

Anything else I could do better next time?




  • I sometimes watch the television show "America's Next Top Model." Not a program I'm crazy about, but I enjoy the photography. On a recent episode, the models were advised to deliberately inhale and exhale when posing. The difference was noticeable -- the models were more poised and the photos were more striking. Give it a try in the mirror to see what I mean. Perhaps this will help you get that extra punch you're looking for. Great idea for a photo!

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    More of a spot-light effect on her, as if shining down on her? And that would perhaps light her face more evenly.

    I like the mixed lighting. Very colorful.
  • jc...thanks for admitting that you watch that show :)

    I am aware of some breathing techniques due to a HS senior I had a photo session with. He was doing the breathing as you described.

    Neil, the idea for the spot light is great. I do have several grids that I could have used. The short-lighting here was intended to suggest that the light all came from that side and was a natural light source...the red rim light was used since the colors matched and there is lots of red lights in cities. The little bit of light on her right eye does bother me...

    One thing is certain, night time portraiture is appealing to me and I will keep trying it and will share failures and successes...There is just this challenge to creating a balance between light sources and the direction of the available light sources in relation to OCF that will keep me going back for more.

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