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Gelling for High Pressure Sodium street lights

groomsphotogroomsphoto Member
edited October 2013 in flash & lighting
i have shot the Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood the last couple of years. about 400,000 people come out for the carnival. lots of incredibly talented costumers and make up artists in Hollywood strutting their stuff and happy to pose.

last year i gelled my on camera flash with 1 CTO full cut. the background is still too orange.

what should i do differently this year?

this year i am going to try and use some off camera flash. no assistant. maybe i will use a gorilla pod to attach a flash to a pole or more likely stretch out my arm as far and high as i can as i wander about through the crowd.

i have a Canon 5D Mark iii and two 600 EX-RT speedlites.

if i can do off camera in addition to on camera how about a ratio of flash between the two flashes? what would be good?

i want to set the ambient expose a couple of stops under but still have the right color balance on the background.imageimageimage


  • Try a rosco industrial vapor or urban vapor gel if its still around. You could also try to set the ambient in kelvin in camera so it looks close to what your eye sees and mix and match some gels for skin tone. Its a hard match though. You could try the h/s/l sliders in lightroom or cam raw to see if you can tone down the orange tint in post additionally.
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