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Need videos back from a dropped drive!

Cliff00749Cliff00749 Member
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Hi, I am new here! I want to find a great solution of my hard drive problem.
Yesterday, as my external hard drive was transferring some videos to my computer, this hard drive was accidentally dropped to the ground. And then, when I plunged it back to go on the transferring, an error message popped out and asked me to format it at first. But, there were still many wonderful videos that have not been uploaded. So, I was thinking whether there is a way for me to keep on uploading these left videos. I really need them for my school work. Anyone helps?
Thank you in advance!


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Firstly, I would not format it!

    Does the hard drive mount? Can you see the data at all?
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    I have a linux partition on my pc. You can download any version of Linux and run it from the iso image you create on CD. I've run into this issue before with SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, and HD's that were supposedly bad. It's called running Linux via a Live CD. Linux saw them and I was able to access everything and transfer to another drive...I was skeptical at first, but Ubunto Linux made a believer out of me! It worked for me, can't hurt to try! Just download any version of Linux, make a bootable ISO CD/DVD, boot into it, select run Live CD...Wha-La! Best thing, it's FREE! :-) Hope it all turns out well.
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    As Neil pointed out, don't format it...That's the general rule, but, there are exceptions to this...If everything you try doesn't work, and you're not up for paying literally thousands of dollars to a 3rd party service to retrieve your files, go ahead, format it, and use a file recovery Program..I have gone this route a few times and it turned out great. Not saying this works for everyone, but with desperation, people will try anything. Recuva worked for me. Here's a link: I had formated the drive, reinstalled windows on it, then realized I forgot to save all a friends pictures...boy did I panic. I had already had The Recuva program, but never used it on a newly formated drive. I retrieved almost 1000 pictures! When you run the program, it asks you what type of file to retrieve, i.e. pictures, video, music, documents, or all. For a free program, I gotta say worked flawlessly. AGAIN, I will say, I AM NOT telling you to go this route, but if all else fails, it may be worth a shot. There are other programs out there that do the same thing. User beware...Good luck.


    p.s. When you run the Recuva program, after it is done searching, check all the boxes that are Green, they are 100 % recoverable, Yellow, partially recoverable, Red, NOT! Create a folder on your desktop and recover the files to that folder, or a second HD if you have one, or even a large capacity USB drive...
  • some would say, don't touch the drive after you dropped it. get a pro to recover it for u.

    can't say i'd have that self control though :)
  • Agreed Shulim,
    I've checked into these Pro services and it literally costs thousands of dollars to recover files from damaged drive. If money is of no concern, go with the Pros, certainly, but if that is not an option, try my suggestion Of Linux first...Then go. the Recuva route. I've had great success with Linux and Recuva, but that was me.
  • Adair047hfAdair047hf Member
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    Yup, it's always the best policy to back up everything important on different drives.

    Some advice for now - you should act carefully to get back your videos as below:

    1. Do NOT click "Yes" to format the drive in case that the formatting process makes things worse.

    2. Do NOT attempt to write anything new on this hard drive in case of any data loss.

    3. Download data recovery software to help you. There are many data recovery tools out there. But, not all of them could be efficient and useful enough. You should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.

    So, if you are interested, you can firstly try some data recovery freeware available online that always work much more efficiently than some paid ones, such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

    4. Do not save or back up all the restored data on the same hard drive in case of any data loss.

    5. After the data recovery process, simply format this drive to see whether it can work functionally as before.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you for your nice help!
    I really know nothing about the data recovery stuff. But, after reading your answers, I have learned a lot. Now, I have carefully followed the steps of Adair047hf and also directly tried his mentioned data recovery freeware, which work really well on my computer and retrieve all my wanted videos back successfully.
    Thank you, Adair047hf !
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2013
    Glad it worked out well.

    But what recovery software did you use of the 3 mentioned?

    That will be helpful to know for anyone else in here.

    Also, did you then reformat the drive and tried to see if it still works.

    Personally I would trash it as would not be comfortable in retaining it once it fails, no matter the cause, but that's just me.

  • Yes, we all sort of chipped in here to advise and help. I don't think I could have laid it out more precisely. It is what it is, as they say. Regardless, glad it worked out. I also, would be interested in which program you used.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2013
    penndragonn2001 said: Yes, we all sort of chipped in here to advise and help. I don't think I could have laid it out more precisely. It is what it is, as they say. Regardless, glad it worked out. I also, would be interested in which program you used.
    Totally agree. Thanks Penndragonn for your help and link to Recuva, I also use some of Piriform's programs. CCleaner, Speccy.

  • trev,
    I use that CCleaner Pro religiously, and Speccy, comes in handy when I'm working on friends pc's. Recuva saved me more times then I care to admit.
  • Cliff,

    let us know which way you went and how much success you had at retrieving your files.
  • Can anyone advise me about any top quality company that can reconstruct a hard disk that failed? Of course it will be expensive. I have a video friend whose system short circuited and wiped out 8 weddings.
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