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What lens

yinan808yinan808 Member
edited March 2011 in general photography
Dear Neil,
My name is Ian Munro and I am from Australia. I have spoken with you before and I receive you regular letter.

I have a Canon 350D with three lenses. 18 - 55, 70 - 300 and 18 to 200.

I mainly use the 18-200 because of the type of photos I take. I like the quick adjustment for moving objects.

What I want to know is when to use the other two for scenic/landscape lenses?
Which one to use for what subject and what lighting?

Would you advise me please?

Ian Munro


  • You can use any lenses for any subject matter. But with landscapes you normally use wider lenses, like the 18-24mm range of your lenses. With portraits you use mostly telephoto lenses in the 70-135mm range. But these are not rules. Many fashion and portrait photographers like using a 200mm lenses and using a wide aperture, like 2.8, to blur out the background. When you get to 300mm that is mostly for sports and nature shots. 35mm is the most common lens for photojournalism and documentary photography. You can also use the wider side of the lenses for distortion or special effects. Experimentation will be your best teacher. Start with the lens guidelines and then try other things.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    the zooms with the super-range is usually not as crisp as the zooms with a shorter range. But you'd have to test this against each other. So I would check first whether the 18-200 is as sharp as you need, compared to say the 18-55

    Landscape photography tend to have a much stricter need for crispness of detail (ie, sharpness) compared to some other fields of photography.
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